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Our 5 Pillars

  • RE-USE


Our team of expert consultants and architects assess our clients existing infrastructure with the primary aim to optimise current resources to get the most out of the existing architecture, so as to save costs and utilise capital already spent. We are then able to make recommendations, as well as implementation of necessary changes according to our client’s needs. We use best of breed technology to modify as necessary to achieve maximum efficiency and speed in retrieval, storage capacity, execution, or time and cost.

This in turn makes our clients organisations run as effectively or usefully as possible. By optimising existing infrastructure, our clients can gain maximum value out of their data.


The intention is to enable our clients to reinforce or strengthen their existing infrastructure to unite into one system with one single version of the truth, and start to gain value from their data.


We re-use existing technology within your organisation wherever possible within the project plan and scope, to save unnecessary costs and maximise the capital our clients have already invested into their infrastructure. SMADA Technologies is able to bridge the gap between business and IT by using existing infrastructure wherever possible to minimise costs and to enhance business processes with a roadmap of the As-Is and the To-be. This in turn helps our customers understand the Information Viewpoint: What exists and can be leveraged; what business processes are needed; what new information is required. We then provide our clients with a technology agnostic approach to implement the appropriate solutions best suitable to the roadmaps designed.


It is vital to our business to assess how information technology can help IT and business leaders manage and improve their performance and reduce unnecessary costs.

Our expertise spans across industry verticals and market leading technologies to provide an unbiased and dynamic approach to managed IT support services. We thrive as a trusted advisor to our clients, a distinction from being a repairman. We do not wish to operate in a break/fix IT service environment which is unpredictable and unsustainable. In a break/fix model, breakdowns are incentivized by repetitious, lengthy fixes that increase billable hours. We believe this model is difficult to control and manage and will prevent us from providing the best service to its clients.

Our incentive is to keep our client’s business up and running with as little disruption as possible. Our business model and our focus allow us to have parallel business motives, instead of inefficient opposing objectives that make it mutually beneficial for both our clients and our organization. Our Managed Services therefore significantly improves our client’s business efficiency. Our consultants can perform implementation of projects and remain on-site at our client’s offices pre-project (to assess and roadmap); during project implementation; as well as post-project (to ensure sustainability and navigate the changes within your organisation.) We are also able to implement projects on an on-going consultancy basis to achieve long-term sustainability.


SMADA Technologies manages and drives the implementation of solutions to ensure and guarantee success through tested and industry aligned methodologies and frameworks. We reduce risks for non-compliant regulatory by adhering to governed definitions and data lineage.

Our mission is to embrace best practices and leverage industry standards and frameworks to deliver high value business solutions

Project Management

Manage all phases and resourcing of the enterprise's EI solution, either using Smada or the client's SDLC methodology. Fundamental to project success is the active involment of the business community.

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